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Radek Makar



Are you looking for a professional Close-up, Cabaret or Corporate Magician?

Would you like to make your event stand out and be an unforgettable experience for your guests?

We have just the man for you! Magician Radek Makar has a wealth of experience having worked at private and corporate events for years.

Although he considers himself a modern magician, he can combine the newest and most modern tricks (as seen on TV) with those created hundreds of years ago and described only in the oldest books treating on Magical Arts. Prepare to be mesmerised!

Contact us now on 07791131761 or email to dj@fusionfunctions.co.uk  to have this sought after act at your function or event.



Check out the video below to see the man in action.







Billy Reid


Billy Reid is one of the UK’s most devilishly brilliant close-up magicians. An expert sleight of hand artist, he’s amazed and astounded audiences at countless shows and events across the country with his slick chicanery.

Whether it’s weddings, corporate events or private parties his magic always brings that extra excitement to your event.







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